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R.A. Clement Association  is asking for help to give scholarships and restore the historical Rosenwald School  ( old building ) built in 1929 .If you would like to support us please click the Donate button below. Donations can be made by PayPal, or with a regular credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

Welcome to the R A Clement High Classes Of 1943 - 1968 web site. We are located at 216 Krider Street in Cleveland,North Carolina.. ( mailing address R.A.Clement Association, P.O.Box 70 , Cleveland NC  27013)The R. A. Clement School has quite a unique history. This school started in 1880 as a one-room day school called Cleveland Colored School. In 1943 it was renamed R.A. Clement School after Mr. Rufus A. Clement who so kindly provided the land in 1878, financial aid, moral support, encouragement, and physical labor to make the school a reality. In 1968, fourteen years after the famous Brown vs. Board of Education court decision, R.A. Clement School was desegregated. Phone number 704-795-4411.





The R. A. Clement Association  held its 24th biennial reunion, July1-2,  UNDER A BIG TENT  at the (Rosenwald) Old Building in Cleveland, N. C., with Carolyn Steele Snipes, Presiding.   More than 125 attended.
The Reunion began at  6.00 p.m. with a Community Cook Out, and a special program recognizing reunion classes from the R. A. Clement High School,  R. A. Clement scholarship recipients, and contributors from the R. A. Clement families and descendants, Individual contributors, and churches and other organizations that are supporting the restoration of the Historic Rosenwald School building.    Since 2010, the Association has assisted in raising more than $125,000 for the restoration project.  This includes grants from the National Trust for Historic Preservation,  our  local Robertson Foundation,  the Woodson Foundation, Wilson Smith Foundation, the Salisbury Foundation, and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. 
 The evening concluded with fellowship on the lawns of the Historic Rosenwald School. 
The Saturday events began  with the R. A. Clement Association, Annual Meeting at Noon, followed by an afternoon of family fun and fellowship on  UNDER THE BIG TENT ON  the Rosenwald School lawns.    
Officers for 2022-24 were elected and installed, as the Association moves forward with its agenda to completely restore the Rosenwald Building, and  continue to make it available for use by the entire community.  
New officers Elected:   Board of Directors 
Thomas Powe, President 
Carolyn Steele  Snipes ,Immediate Past President 
Jeanette Rankin, Vice President 
Secretary, Catrelia Steele Hunter 
Secretary Elect, Beverly Wood         
Asst. Secretary,  Dorothy Bost Scott 
Treasurer, Leonard Hall 
Asst Treasurer, Lonnie Gaither 
Financial Secretary,  Patricia Diana Rice Moriniere 
Asst. Fin. Sec., Ernestine Avery Cornelius 
Members at Large:,Brenda Gaither Avery,  Michele Sims, Sharon Avery Davis, Gerry Knox, Garette Hunter, Marlee Henderson, Vera Avery, Shirley V. Culbertson, Ruby Ford, Claude Avery, Natashalyn Snipes, Wyman Steele, Deborah Culbertson, Edwina Steele, Patricia  Blackmon ,Darryl Hall and Pertrema Lowe. 
The Board will continue to meet on the fourth Saturday each month, at the Rosenwald School, or virtually through conference call or Zoom Platform.  

Restoration Donations(families and classes and other) 

Thank you To all of the  families and friends who gave in 2023 .($13,158) Your donations helps with monthly operations (insurance,taxes,water,electricity ,gas plus  the refurbishment of windows.

Totals 2012  to June 2023

Class of 63 $850  Class of 64 $488  Class of 1965  $625.00.     Class of 1966     $2,682.46      Class of 1970 $50.00

Lonnie  Sr. & Maggie Gaither.        $38,285

J.T.& Sallie Steele.                         $28,409

Blackmon -Hyde.                           $20,110

John & Roannah Hall.                  $7,515

Avery -Gillespie.                          $6,645

William &Peggye Rankin.          $5,964

Rev.T.M. And Mrs.B.C. Powe      $4,575

Rankin -Cowan.                   $4,130

David & Nellie. Ramsue     $2,600

John & Mary Knox.               $2,3600

Marvin &Essie Culbertson    $2,590

Norris Anderson       $4,125.00               William & Sonia  Luckey.          $1,000.00

Robert &Ruby Jones              $1,150.00

James & Rosie. Lyerly     $1,135                Knox /Fowler $342

Pearlie Pharr.     $1,055                    Lovell- Noble. $120

 Hardy & Ada  Kesler.       $925             Carolyn Blackwell Fowler   $95.00

Carolyn Brawley Powell.      $500.00               

Campbell -Turner   $1,355          Dave/Essie Mae Rankin $1,766

J.C.Dorthea Moore.   $500.00             Norman Kelly       $120

Bost -Ellis          $573.00             Kenneth &Alberta  Cornelius       $365

Clifford Patterson      $418.00                Laura Avery   $275

James & Margaret  Avery  $450.00        Presley &Marie Carr.        $740

Betty  Stringer       $300                   Beatrice Stevenson      $ 500

Daniel & Wilma  Neely.     $350.00                Gary Hall      $220.00

  Jack & Celeste. Allen.         $200.00               Fredrick Houston.      $200.00

Ada & Lawrence.  Williams    $225.00             Michael  White.      $165.00               

Robert & Sarah Hosch.      $175.00                Shirley   V. Cuthbertson.    $640       John & Lucille Carson $300 

William &Bessie Fisher.        $120.00             Faye Blackwell       $110.00                   Abraham & Addie Steelman $350

James Jones ( Memory Maude Cuthbertson)    $250.00    
William & Frances. Ramsey    $545.00 (Memory of Lee)  

Friends of R.A.Clement

Geoffrey /Doretha Hoy   $1,650

East Cleveland Block Party $2,505.00

Mt.Vernon Presbyterian Church  $1,000.00

New Jerusalem Holiness Church  $1,000.00

Allen Temple Presbyterian Church $800

Morris Clements/Elaine Hewitt $1,250.00

Ed Norvell           $700.00

Third Creek A.M.Z. Church   $520.00

Mrs. George Knox  $500.00

Cameron Presbyterian Church  $400.00

Ambassador for  Christ Church  $300.00

 Geoffrey /Doretha Hoy   $1,150.00     Cotton memorial Church 25

Echos of Christ         $200.00.  Khalid Court #90.  $.25

Stephanie Deutch      $250.00

John Steele $100.00

Charles Sadler     $81.00               South Iredell AME   100.00

Cynthia MCCoy     $50.00              George Benson   25.00

We still need everyone to help with the refurbishing of windows (side and  back)and the other third of hvac systems.Please send all donations to R.A. Clement Association

Box 70.  Cleveland,N.C. 27013 . Make sure you add your name and your family name.

Forms and letters are  on the left under Donation Restoration Forms. 

Gofundme page is  R.A.Clement Rosenwald Restortation

Pay pal just hit donation button

Thank you very much!!!!!!




EAST Cleveland Block Party  $1,500​​     2019 for Table and Chairs

                                                 $1,005​​     2018    unrestricted


Pressley Carr, Stephanie Gaither Harris ,Lonnie Gaither ,Karen Puckett,Peggye Rankin,Derek Rankin,

Carolyn Steele Snipes​​     Brenda G.Avery      Rachel Hunter ,Mary Rice,Sandra C.Little,Olivia Mattox

Deborah Mattox, Donna Prunkl,Katherine Ray,Sharon A.Davis,Evette Carpenter,

Catrelia Steele Hunter​​    Margo Gaither    Teresa Rowell,Mona Holt,Bonnie Conner,

Deborah Mattox​ ​       Lee Fowler       Marsha/Charles Knox ,Michael Dellinger,Willie Dunlap 

Stuart Avery    Gretchen Avery Dunlap​ ​  Vera Avery,Jeanette Rankin,

Marlee Henderson.   Claude Avery,Lynda Avery,Wanda Burns,

Lora Henderson Smith​   Mona Avery Holt​​     Natashalyn Snipes  Caroline Holt

Peggye Wood Rankin ​  Sharon Avery Davis,​ ​AnnaTerry,Evette Carpenter 

Donald Campbell   Ernestine Cornelius 









Please Help !!!

Restoration Fund Raiser for Web Announcement: 

Families who attended R. A. Clement are being asked to raise $500 or more by December every year to assist with raising  the money needed to complete and maintain the restoration of the OLD BUILDING. Please make checks payable to R. A. Clement Association and send them on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly) to: P. O. Box 70, Cleveland, N. C. 

       The R. A. Clement Board meets the 4th Saturday of every month August - May at 9:00 AM.  The Annual Meetings are always held the first Saturday of July at 12:00 Noon.  All are welcome to attend.