R.A.Clement Assoc. Officers

The R.A. Clement  Association mission is To preserve the history, traditions and promote an appreciation of the school’s unique history; support community initiatives and provide scholarships for high school graduates . Officers  for 2022 to 2024  are. Listed below. 
President Thomas Powe

President Immediate Past President Carolyn Snipes

Vice President Jeanette Rankin

Secretary Catrelia S.Hunter,Secretary Elect Beverly Wood and Assistant Secretary Dorothy B. Scott

Treasure:Leonard Hall :Assistant Treasure Lonnie Gaither 

Financial Secretary Patricia Diana Rice Moriniere: Assistant Financial Secretary Ernestine A.Cornelius 

Members At Large

Edwina Steele,Gerry Knox,Deborah Cuthbertson,Patricia Blackmon,Darryl Hall and Ruby Ford,

Members at Large

Natashlynn Snipes,Doris Noble,Shirley Culbertson,Vera Avery,Michelle Sims and Brenda Avery 

Members at Large

Wyman Steele ,Marlee Henderson,Sharon Davis, and Claude Avery 

 Garrette Hunter  

 Pertrema Lowe not pictured