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“Our Love We’ll Always Show”
The R. A. Clement Association and the West Rowan Neighborhood Center Advisory Council have joined hands to raise $150,000 needed to install heating and air conditioning in the R. A. Clement Rosenwald (Old Building) School Building, Cleveland N. C.
First, let us say thank you to each of you for your outstanding support during the past years. RAC Alumni, individuals and families, have given more than $40,000 over the past four years to support the restoration of the Old building. Your support, along with grants and contributions from the Town of Cleveland, foundations, corporations and other individuals, have made it possible for us to complete 70% of the work needed to make our building completely accessible to alumni and the larger community. Since 2010, We have made a great deal of progress on the building, including replacing the roof, stabiliz- ing the building, repairing windows, installing two new restrooms, repairing and finishing hardwood floors, and painting throughout the building. We are now using the large room for family reunions, church events, bingo games, a line dancing class and other community activities.
We are appealing to each of you to make a contribution NOW for the HVAC, before December 31, 2017. Our goal is to have the HVAC system installed in 2018, and your contribution is vital. You may Send checks, made payable to R. A. Clement Association, or to West Rowan Neighborhood Center Advisory Council. Please remember that all contributions are tax deductible.
Thank you in advance, and Best wishes for an enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas. please stop by to see the building when you come home for the holidays.
In the Spirit of R. A. Clement,
Carolyn Steele Snipes,’66 President
R. A. Clement Alumni Association
Leonard Hall, ‘67 President
West Rowan Neighborhood Center Advisory Council








R. A. Clement Association

P. O. Box 70      Cleveland, N. C.  27013



       Please join in with the R.A. Clement Association, a nonprofit organization, to raise funds for the restoration of the R.A. Clement Rosenwald School .It is the original school building built in 1930 in Cleveland, North Carolina.

     Families and friends who attended R.A. Clement are being asked to make contributions .Your contributions will assist in raising $150,000 needed for the completion for the heating and air conditioning unit’s .We are asking each family to give at least $500 by May 1,2018. Those families who contribute will be recognized at the 2018 reunion .When the building is finished,family names will be placed on a plaque. We are trying to have the heating and air conditioning units installed by December 2018.

     The West Rowan Neighborhood Advisory Council owners of the building, have recently received grants to help with restoring two of the classrooms.Please contribute as much  and as often as you can to keep our heritage alive. All gifts are tax deductible.

     Please make all checks payable to R.A. Clement Association and send to P.O. Box 70 Cleveland, N.C 27013.  Your receipt will have all the information needed for your income tax.

      Thank you for your past support of this Restoration project and we look forward to hearing from you soon. If You have questions please call or email President Carolyn Steele Snipes 1-919-479-5961, email Diana Rice Moriniere at 704-795-4411, email


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                              R. A. Clement Association

            Campaign For Restoration Of The

            R.A. Clement (Old  School Building) Rosenwald


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This form will be sent in to R. A. Clement Association   P. O. Box  70  Cleveland, N.C. 27013 by your family captains with the money that was  contributed by All Family members  with their names and addresses.. Each family member will also be recognized in the 2016 R.A. Clement Reunion Book.    Make all Checks payable to R.A. Clement Association.   Thanks for your help.

Name and Address                                                                                                                                                                                     1.__________________________________________                                                                           




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                            R. A. Clement Association

P. O. Box 70

      Cleveland, N. C.  27013






    Thank You for volunteering to encourage your family members to give contributions for the R. A. Clement campaign project for the restoration of the R.A. Clement (Old Building) Rosenwald School. Enclosed is a sample of the letters you can use to give to your family members and a form to be used to  names of those who make contributions.  Checks should be made payable to R.A.Clement Association.

Please plan to come to the R.A. Clement Christmas Affair in December and give us an update of your progress.

Thanks Again for your past support of this Rosenwald(R.A. Clement Old Building ) project and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you have questions please call or email Carolyn Steele Snipes (President) 1-919-819 -3112: email or Diana Rice Moriniere 1-704-795-4411: email





                                                       R.A. Clement Association